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Appointments and On-Line Appointments


Create customer appointments in LobbyCentral, in person or over the phone. Simply enter the customer’s appointment details. Appointments are included in your LobbyCentral subscription.

LobbyCentral sends an email notification to the user assigned to an appointment. An iCal attachment of the appointment will be sent in the email. Opening the attachment will create an appointment in the user’s calendar if it supports the standard iCal format.

Upgrade your subscription to include Exchange Integration, and LobbyCentral will search your Outlook calendar for available appointment times.

On-Line Appointments

LobbyCentral Appointments is an add-on service that allows customers to schedule an appointment from your website.

Integrate LC Appointments directly into your website with no programming required. Simply copy and paste in a few lines into your page and you’re ready to go!

LC Appointments sends out an email to your customers to remind them of an upcoming appointment, including location information.

LC Appointments can be set to automatically post new appointments into LobbyCentral or flag for review. Appointments are managed directly in LobbyCentral.

Visit LobbyCentral Appointments ( ) to view all features and sign up for a free trial.

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