Compliance – Lobby Central


User Access

Information stored in LobbyCentral can only be accessed with a valid username and password that is created and managed by an administrator. The Password Expire policy is 90 days. On-Premise customers can adjust the password expiration policy to comply with their company’s own policies.

Database Encryption

Cloud databases are encrypted and will be unreadable if the database is copied or removed. On-premise databases are located on a local area network and behind the company’s firewall, preventing outside access. On-Premise customers should implement their own encryption and server security protocols to safeguard data from internal hacking.

Encrypted Configuration Files (On-Premise)

On-Premise customers can turn on configuration file encryption to prevent inside hacking from gaining SQL server username and passwords. Cloud configuration files are automatically encrypted.

Name Masking

The customer’s name in email and SMS check-in notifications can be masked to display the first name and only part of the last name. For example, John Smith would appear as John S****. QMonitor can also display partial names or a number, to protect a customer’s identity.

SSL Data Transfer

Access to the cloud server is performed using industry standard SSL and can be verified by looking for the Lock icon in the browser window. On-Premise customers may install an SSL certificate.

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